• Highlighted Customers

    Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

    VTA is using Kisensum's Energy Management Platform as the controlling software to ensure vehicles are charged and ready to run their routes while minimizing the energy cost to VTA. Kisensum is acting as the system integrator for this project which will incorporate 5 existing VTA system into the charging solution.

    Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory 

    SLAC is working with Kisensum on a number of important energy projects. Kisensum is developing software that will analyze and improve transformer health while putting the grid under the loads of EV bus charging on the Stanford campus and the loads of a large number of personal vehicles on the Google campus. Kisensum is also supporting SlAC and the DOE's efforts to apply the VOLTTRON energy platform to Distributed Energy Resources.

    Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

    Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Grid Integration Group is deploying Kisensum's software at key installations in California, applying their energy scheduling algorithms from their research in Distributed Energy Renewables - Customer Adoption Model (DER-CAM). These projects include incorporating 2nd life batteries into an existing fleet of Electric Vehicles and smart charging utilizing flow batteries on a military microgrid.

    Alameda County

    Alameda County is deploying Kisensum's smartEVcharge software across their downtown Oakland campus. smartEVcharge balances EV charging loads from both private vehicles from their internal fleet as well as charging of public vehicles in lot.

    Sumitomo Electric

    Kisensum and Sumitomo are working together to add energy storage to industrial loads. Kisensum is providing monitoring and analysis support as well optimization services through the implementation of their Energy Management Platform.


    EVgo is using Kisensum's Energy Management Platform to control and optimize DC Fast Chargers in conjunction with new and second life battery storage.

    First Priority Greenfleet

    First Priority has partnered with Kisensum to support the electrification of School buses. Kisensum will be analyzing the environmental impact of the electrification of school buses and where appropriate, supporting the implementation of grid services into the charging process.  

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