• Highlighted Customers


    EVgo is using Kisensum's Microgrid Solution to control and optimize DC Fast Chargers in conjunction with battery storage. 

    US Department of Defense

    The US DoD is developing cost-effective methods to roll-out clean, all-electric fleets at select military installations. By using Kisensum software, the On-Base EV's are not only managed like a regular fleet, but also have the unique ability to generate incremental revenue from the grid via the ISO markets.


    Kisensum's software is being deployed at the Los Angeles Air Force Base, Ft. Hood, and Joint Base Andrews.

    Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

    Lawrence Berkeley Labs Grid Integration Group is deploying Kisensum's software at key installations in California, applying their energy scheduling algorithms from their research in Distributed Energy Renewables - Customer Adoption Model (DER-CAM).

    Alameda County

    Alameda County is deploying Kisensum's smartEVcharge software       across their downtown Oakland campus. smartEVcharge will balance EV charging loads and optimize their charging assets. 

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