• System Integrators

    Experts in:

    • Software applications and data management

    • Realtime Control Systems

    • Energy Management Applications

    • Network / IT / Application Security

    Developed process to complete complex integration project on-time and on budget

    Use open source and standard protocols to build the most efficient and maintainable system possible

  • Fleet Grid Integration

    • The software solution when electrifying a fleet of vehicles


    • Kisensum's Fleet Grid Integration Software is being used at multiple military bases in 3 ISO/RTO territories


    • Trading in the CAISO, ERCOT, and PJM markets


    • Vehicle to Grid Integration (V2G)




  • Microgrid Solutions

    • Reliable and resilient architecture


    • Islandable microgrid controller with a cloud aggregation server


    • DER realtime optimization

  • Experts in common energy industry protocols

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